• This original work of art is called The Vidushi. Vidushi in Sanskrit means a woman who is an intellectual. She is talented, accomplished, intelligent and a thinker. This unique piece uses ancient Indian painting technique called "Pattachitra" from state of Odisha. In ancient times these types of paintings were typically made on silk cloths or palm leaves tied together with natural vegetable colors. I tried to keep the authenticity of the designs and patterns but used a modern spray technique to give the painting a feel that it has the mat in-built. The design in the border makes it look like it is already framed. You can just hang this as is without framing. The intricate patterns and rich beautiful colors are bound to make you smile. This stunning painting, signed by the artist, is bound to make any space that it adorns look gorgeous and ornamental! This is not a print. Acrylic on stretched canvas. 14X11 inch. 

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